June 28, 2011

27-28 weeks

coming to the end of my second trimester
and feeling alright
not AMAZING but not totally miserable [all the time]
[crappy droiiiiid picture. & don't mind side mess!]

certain things are hard to do 
carrying kullen
sitting for long periods of times
 standing for long periods of times
bending over
being nice [ha!]

aside from all that, everything else is great.
weight is steadily climbing
but nothing over the top as of it.
15lbs total is what i've gained
although it feels like 150lbs!

i go for my glucose test friday
and am praying that i pass on the first try this time!

we are finally starting on rhys' room!
we spent the weekend cleaning it out and going through junk
i found my old 'happy apple'
& decided to keep it out to go in rhys' room!

we are 96% sure that we're going with gray, white and royal blue for his room
but something about gray, white and red still attracts me!
either way - happy apple will be a tiny accent in his room :)
here are the main things we need to do in the next few TWELVE weeks:
-peel wallpaper border
-mud/sand walls
-purchase and install ceiling fan
-rewire a couple outlets
-put up chair rail
-paint walls, closet and ceilings
-purchase dresser [the same one i got for kullen]
-steam clean carpets
-make bedding and decor

written down - it's a little scary the amount of work
we have to do in TWELVE weeks
considering we have plans almost every weekend until august :/
unfortunately for my husband - he gets to do most of the work!

back to pregnancy!
rhys is still super active. 
he has begun to HURT me when he kicks me 
something i rarely experienced with kullen!
sometimes i feel like i'm carrying a giant baby
who is jammed packed in his belly-home
because, let's face it, my belly is pretty darn big
you'd think he'd have PLENTY of room
even though at 28 weeks
he is roughly 2 1/4 lbs and is 14.8 inch long! 
he can now open and close his eyes
and he even has eyelashes  :)

and it's safe to say that i'm completely OVER being pregnant!
don't get me wrong, i do love being pregnant
i love being able to put on a tight tshirt and feel cute/comfy
with a big basketball belly
but i cannot wait to hold my little baby in my arms
[and be able to sit without feeling like a bowling ball is shoving my guts up to my throat!]
and i also can't wait to see how kullen reacts to rhys!

[crappy droiiiid pic]

at the same time, i am VERY nervous
kullen has become very much attached to me recently
more so than ever, i mean.
i'm hoping it's just a phase and passes quickly 
but the thought of having a newborn around with how kullen has been 
i know our family will adjust and adam will be a major help
but fear is starting to set in.
there are so many things that i intended on changing before rhys came
and i DOUBT they get done
[more on that later! ha!]

also, i mentioned in a previous post 
that i had to go see my doctor regarding some pain
it has been A LOT better since that one specific day
and i realized a lot of the pain was from how i was sitting in my desk chair
but i have (almost) never felt pain like that in my life.
it was ALMOST as bad as contractions/child birth.
my doctor said it was just because the baby was so low
and pushing on my pelvic bone
versus the tail bone pressure that most prego women experience. 
so occasionally, i walk with a slight HUGE waddle
to alleviate said pressure and pain. 
the strange thing is that his kicks are VERY high up, like below my boobs.
i feel arm movement/punches on my side(s)
but most kicks are high. 
which leads me to believe that i'm carrying a giant! 
i'm hoping i can convince my doctor to send me for another sonogram 
just to have some peace of mind that my kid is normal in length ;]

all in all
things are going well. 
still can't wait to be DONE
but considering that 28 weeks have passed so quickly
and i have 12 (or less) weeks to go
i think i can manage ;]
my husband thinks he's a photographer sometimes.
you should see all the shots he got.
i used the pioneer woman's seventies action here but no other editing.
i'm aware of my double chin.
embracing it during my 'largeness'


SAMANTHA said...

do you seriously not have one single stretch mark LOL !? please cure my jealousy by telling me the pics are edited hehe :)

Steph said...

Yea, I agree..you seriously have the cutest most perfect prego belly!
And I am SO glad you found out what that pain was! It sucks you have to deal with that but I'm happy it wasn't mr rhys trying to make an early appearance :)