June 23, 2011


minutes old.

one year.

 two years old.
[well, ALMOST two. heh]

i am still trying to grasp how in the world i have a two year old.
it seriously feels like just yesterday that i was being admitted into the hospital
awaiting the moment that i saw his sweet face.

despite terrible two's sucking ALREADY
and daily struggles with my strong-willed kid
i love him more than anything in this world
and don't understand how i got so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing boy!


Kathy said...

He's growing up so fast, wow. I love the long blonde hair!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Its crazy seeing the diff from one year and 2 years. He has grown up so much!

Steph said...

I absolutely adore that he's such a strong willed child. I know it has it's moments now when he's young, but hes going to grow into such a determined adult, and that's such an amazing thing. He's got the perfect balance of a care free spirit and strong willed personality, he's just an awesome little person. you are doing an amazing job mama, not that you didn't already know that ;)