April 30, 2011


i am a lucky (blessed) girl.
sometimes these beauts remind me of it
(especially when i find two in a matter of minutes)
& if you look closely, one appears to have a tiny heart cut out!
(reminding me how lucky in love that i am)

i am also lucky that i have a mom who blessed me with such talent!
i have the ability (most of the time) from her
to look down and spot the treasured 4-leaf clover amongst it's boring friend - the 3-leafer!

i have always loved 4-leaf clovers
and get super stoked when i spot one!
it's like a natural high for me -
i find one and want more and more
(until i realize how silly that makes me)
does anyone else possess this 'talent'?!

i'm thinking a 4-leaf clover tattoo is in my future
even if society has cliched them!
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1 comment:

Jessi said...

I think a four leaf clover tattoo would be awesome, it's not cliche. It's popular because they turn out so good!