April 29, 2011


how 'dahling' is this? must have!
everything on this site is super cute!
i would LOVE to host a review/giveaway for her. 
cough cough!
yeah - definitely pinned this on my boards


giraffes ♥
giraffes have always been a favorite of mine BUT
i think it's time to replace my owl love for my giraffe love.
the love for owls has gotten OUT-OF-CONTROL!
i feel like everybody and their mother has recently become obsessed with owls.
and since i don't have a baby girl to share mine with - i'm moving on.
sorry hoots - it's been great.
[i will always love you, don't worry!]


she's offering up a free graphic download EVERY day for an entire year!
i can imagine my entire house covered in these beauts! 


my silhouette SD.
[speaking a little ahead of myself]
i haven't gotten her YET - but i AM!
i cashed in some of mypoints for a 50$ amazon gift card and as soon as i get it -
purchase will be made! 
i cannot WAIT to get my craft on!


speaking of crafting - 
i have been hooked [pun intended] lately!
i finished up this little 'fun'bag the other day and am already working on two more!
[sorry for the crappy cell pic!]
i will be hosting a giveaway for a customized 'flowered coin purse' soon!
once i reach 30 Facebook fans OR 200 blog followers! 
so spread the word about rogue poags!


william and kate! ♥
i, of COURSE, am lovin these two cuties!
no, i didn't get up at 4am to watch the live coverage but i did set it to tivo!
and i did listen to the vows on my drive into work!
and i DID watch it once i got into work!
and i DID tear up just a tad. 
i have always loved you Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis ♥
i'm glad you married a girl who is ALMOST as pretty as me! [HA!] 

venti decaf iced caramel machiatto 
on top of a cup of coffee - i've already polished one of these off today.
no wonder i'm a little funnayyyyy today! ;]


we are back for round 2 of the stanley cup playoffs tonight!
playing the tampa bay lightning!
[we crussssshed them during regular season so i speak for all CAPS fans when i say 'LET'S DO IT AGAIN BOYS!]
alex and alex

AND in conclusion ;]
i am LOVIN my boys ♥

i get to see my wittle one this afternoon :]
i'm happy that adam AND kullen will be present for it.
pray that kullen behaves himself. PLEASE! 

[sorry, my inner brit is coming out a wee bit!]


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