May 3, 2011

halfway :D

forgive the 'first thing in the morning' bathroom shot! 
i wanted to get this posted this AM and not have the ugly work bathroom shot!

How far along: twenty weeks - HALF WAY!
Baby: is big! he is (and has been) measuring big since the beginning. he weighed in at 12.1 oz at my last appointment! (he's only supposed to be 10!)
so yeah - he's definitely a melon! 
Total Weight Gained: 3lbs this month and that puts me right at my starting weight. it's all downhill from here!
Sleep: still going good, minus the uncomfortable bits here and there. 
Maternity Clothes: rockin 'em now and then but usually just use my belly band!
Best Moment of the Week: confirming he's STILL a boy, seeing him and his cute face at our last sono and POSSIBLY determining his name (will update on that later)!
Food Cravings: anything spicy! the spicier, the better lately. although i'm still craving sweets such as ice cream and cookies!
Aversions: nothing. 
Symptoms: heartburn, indigestion, backaches, round ligament pain, preggo brain. <-- well said jess!
Movement: all the time, he's very active! 
Gender: boy, BIG boy!
What I miss: walking normal - i already have a slight waddle. help me.
What I'm looking forward to: getting started on the room!
Weekly Wisdom: don't put things off until later because time flieeees!
Milestones: 20 weeks! oh, and buying him a wittle onesie that says 'little brother'

random pregnancy updates:
i'm almost done a crochet blankie for my boy! the colors are light blue, light brown and dark brown which makes me wish i was doing his room in those colors. huff.
i am already totally uncomfortable! i am dealing with A LOT of pressure in my nether regions and walk with a slight waddle in order to alleviate some of the pressure/pain. 
i'm also super exhausted all the time. just getting out of bed to go to the bathroom exhausts me!  i'm in for a longggggg summer!
we've pretty much decided on a name! i need to just 'announce' it so it's official but there is still something holding me back - not quite sure what it is though. stay tuned on that subject!
little mister is quite the active baby! luckily, he isn't keeping me up at night or anything but quite frequently during the day and at night before i fall asleep, he definitely reminds me that he's there!

big congrats to my due date twin Jessica on finding out that she's having a little baby girl!
she also does these weekly updates [i actually stole it from her!] so make sure you check her awesome blog!

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Jeska said...

Thanks! And can't wait to hear the name :) We're the same with weight gain (or lack there of) so far!