April 15, 2011

friday #

happy friday! :)
nothin kicks off a friday like an iced caramel macchiato [decaf, of course!]

we have a fun weekend planned!
tomorrow - mygym and swim for the little mister!
then he is having a cousins/grandma play date so kNa are taking the opportunity to their advantage with a day date! lunch and a movie perhaps!
we intended on getting the veggie garden planted and other yard work but it's supposed to be rainy here in the district so those plans are likely out.
sunday - easter egg hunt :) 
i'm excited to see the kids hunt and enjoy each others company! 
and to top it all off - it's supposed to be 65degrees and sunny! 
talk about bipolar weather here! 

and here's a friday funny!
 kullen was having fun with the stickers his [great] nana & [great] grandy brought down to him!
sticker earrings [dad had a COW!] and a sticker to zip the lips!

[please & thankyou!]

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1 comment:

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

That is hilarious! Your little one is so cute, I bet he makes your laugh ALL the time :) And yes, coffee is the morning is an absolute must for me too!