April 19, 2011

eighteen weeks!

How Far Along: eighteen weeks!

Total Weight Gained: nothing since last week. but baby has gained and is now almost 6in long! HOLY! and my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe! 

Sleep: great. there are some nights where i don't even get up to go to the bathroom! wooooot woot! :)

Best Moment of the Week: adam feeling the baby move! :)

Food Cravings: chickfila spicy chicken sandwich with pepperjack cheese. omg. [all jessi's fault]

Food Aversions: hm, nada.

Symptoms: heartburn, moodiness, forgetfulness - you name it, i seem to have it. 

Hubby's Symptoms: my coworkers thought he looked 'heavier in the face' so i'm going to say he's gaining some sympathy weight! ;]

Movement: yess <3 if i eat/drink anything with sugar - he is crazy boy! and typically at night when i lay in bed!

Gender: BOY!!! :)

What I miss: not feeling exhausted.

What I'm looking forward to: next sono - april 29th! 

Weekly Wisdom: carry tums in your purse!
Milestones: wearing maternity jeans out in public? haha! i don't have any huge milestones yet. 

random pregnancy updates:
we are ALMOST there with a name! once we are 100%, i will share! 
we've also decided that we're reusing kullen's crib and crib bedding. we will move the baby into the spare room and paint differently but instead of purchasing new crib bedding, we're just going to use what we have! no sense in spending the money for something that we'll likely be getting rid of in a few years. so we decided to spend the money on a new bed set for kullen. he will be remaining in his room but getting a big boy (emphasis on the word big - aka, queen sized) bed! the hard part is decided what to do for him! of course mama likes rockstar/guitar theme but would rather have something HE would like. if it were up to him right now, it'd be elmo or yo gabba gabba [yeah, yuck!] - so i'll be updating kullen's room and baby's room!
i also plan to do a dresser re-do! we were given an older dresser set and it just needs a little TLC to be wonderful. i don't want to ditch it so i'm going to fix it up and use it for the baby's room (or kullen's room - not sure yet!)
our baby boy is extremely active :) i feel him move all the time now and i love it! i look forward to night time so i can lay in bed and feel him move around! 

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Diana said...

I tried to comment on your gender post last week but it wouldn't let me :( Anyway - CONGRATULATIONS on another sweet baby boy :) I agree with reusing what ya got - why not?! Congrats again, Momma! You look great!

Jenny said...

aww grats on your pregnancy :D i miss those days.