February 1, 2011


are you guys ready to see the sloppiest, most HORRIBLE handwriting on the east coast? ;] here goes! i saw this over at allie's blog and even though i wasn't tagged [probably because she doesn't know my pitful little blog exists!] i'm a stalker and wanted to play along anyway! anyone else going to play??? i tagged some of you, so you better! 

sorry for the poor quality - cell phone picture!


MandeeFoFandee said...

we're in a fight cause you didn't tag me, but I'm gunna do it anyway. hahaha

Jeska said...

Ha I'll play. But my handwriting is horrible!

Kathy said...

we in a fight too >:O


The White City Project said...

OMG, you have the most wicked handwriting! Loves it :)

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