February 2, 2011

oh, wednesday!

yep, this picture again! not only does my boy look like he's on cloud nine in this picture, mama feels like she's on cloud nine when she looks at it! this little boy IS my cloud nine <3 how could you not love a gappy smile, fresh outta the shower baby like hims!

and the theme over at the long road to china is accessories! i took this picture of my friend's little girl at her birthday party all dolled up in her dress up accessories! ain't she dahling!
 the long road

happy wednesday!


carlotta cisternas said...

Love the first one...super cute :)

Mommy2Four said...

cute shots!

Diana said...

Kullen is adorable, I love his curls! That other picture is so cute, too!! I love what you did to it! Did you photo shop it?