February 2, 2011

calling all crafty mama's ...

think you're crafty?!
have a sewing machine that just sits in a corner?
have all these supplies and no motivation?
well good! join all the rest of us!

over at babycenter.com - my friend Ang started a great discussion topic and got GREAT feedback from it. her and i had been tossing the idea of starting a crafting project weekly on our blogs in order to get a lot of sewing projects done! we figured blogging about it and giving ourselves a timeline would help us get the job done and i think a lot of other mama's agreed!
this isn't just for mama's - it's for anyone who wants/needs the motivation to 'get 'er done!'

this week we're featuring two projects!
1 - crochet needle holder!  [just what this mama needs]
2 - sewing machine cover [for those who don't dabble with the crochet]

these ladies at babycenter have posted some tutorials and even finished their products! goooo ahead girls!
link up - show us whatcha got!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ooh..awesome. I will have to check it out! I am on BBC too.

Actually, I believe that is how we found each others sites. :)