February 3, 2011

it's okay, right?

to be daydreaming of coldstone?!
i mean, it's not too early in the morning or my pregnancy to be practically drooling thinking about it, right?
ahhh - cake batter icecream with any of my choice fixins'
i know there would FOR SURE be some snickers and butterfinger up in there.
omg. it's all i want.
i'm not crazy, right? TELL ME I'M NOT CRAZY!!!
and tell my husband to take me there tonight, please!!!


Unknown said...

GREAT now I want coldstone.

MandeeFoFandee said...

omg. what if they let you put pretzel m&ms on it.


Unknown said...

Seriously hungry now. Ugh...now I NEED me some Cold Stone!

Ross said...

Just came across your site through FTLOB and saw the Colstone!! Oh! Now do I ever have a craving!! Great site you have and I'm now following it.