February 18, 2011

kullen - twenty months!

how are you twenty months already, dude? mama can't keep up anymore :( i have gotten to spend so much time with you this month (due to being sick!) and it has been wonderful.

since i have been with you so often, i figured i'd go over your typical day with me. we sleep until about 8:30 and i prolong getting out of bed as long as i can, usually until you hop off and get the door open! we head downstairs and i pour you a cup of juice/water.
*on the topic of what you drink, you seriously do not like milk. i mean what kid doesn't like milk? figures my kid wouldn't. i can get you to drink some if i put strawberry or chocolate syrup but try giving you a cup of plain milk, watch that stink face come RIGHT out! like mother, like son i suppose!*
i turn on mickey mouse club (gag) and let you play while i get your breakfast ready. breakfast usually consists of yogurt or oatmeal and then a cup of dry cereal to munch on yourself. after breakfast, we play.
your favorite thing is still trucks. lately you've been wanting me or your father to get down on the floor and scoot around with you! it's the cutest thing ever to watch you and dada playing like typical boys do.
after playing for a while, usually you will go grab a book and bring it over to me. you'll put the book in my lap and then cup your hands like you want me to pick you up. we'll sit on the couch and read/point to things in the book. you can look at the same book for hours! it's adorable.
for lunch, you'll pretty much eat anything! spaghetti-o's, mac&cheese, ravioli, pb&j, pb&fluff, leftover - pretty much whatever we have. i'll usually accompany your lunch with a baybel cheese and goldfish (or something to that liking) and again, you get juice/water for lunch.
after lunch, the playing and book reading continues for about a half hour, then your eyes start to get heavy. the time you were home with me, you were spoiled by getting to lay in bed with me for your afternoon nap. you'd cuddle up with me and slowly drift off to sleep. typically sleeping until daddy gets home around 2:45! once you're up, more juice and some snacks (usually pretzels and raisins). then it's playtime with dada! oh and we can't forget yo gabba gabba - your absolute favorite tv show! (gagggg again!)
we usually watch some tv/play/read until it's dinner time and then we eat and head upstairs again for bath time. after the bath, it's your favorite time of day (at least i believe so) - we let you run around our bedroom nakie for 10-20 minutes! then we get you diapered and pj'd up and continue to let you play upstairs. around 8-830, you get nigh-nigh kisses and head to your crib. most nights, you don't put up a huge fuss but even when you do, we remain strong and shortly after the screaming fit - you're fast asleep! you're a great sleeper, however, we are having trouble keeping you in your crib all night long. you faithfully wake up once in the night, time varies, and scream bloody murder until one of us comes and gets you. once we pick you up, you're all but clawing your way out of your room and the minute we're in the hallway, you're silent. you typically spend the rest of the night in our bed (i know, i know) and we know it's something we have to work on ASAP especially since you'll be moving to a big boy bed here soon! (eks!)

[love those eyes!]
your favorite word this month is baby! how perfect, huh! i received a pregnancy magazine at my last prenatal visit and was flipping through the pages when you came over and began pointing at the baby on the page. as i repeated 'baby' over and over, suddenly you said it too. now you won't stop. on the tv, in books, and on rare occasion even when pointing to my belly - you will state 'BABY!'.

another thing you're getting good at is identifying objects by pointing at them. you can identify mama, dada, kullen, kazi, car, truck, shoes, banana, cheese, train and many of other things. you have a 'my first words' book that you identify a lot of things in. you have quite a sense of humor also, dude! you'll put your hand on me and say 'mama' and i'll say 'good job man!' and then you'll put your hand back on me and say 'dadaaa?!!!' with a big cheese on your face! you know what you're doing, you little jokester!

you can say 'choo choo' for train, 'moooo' for cow, and 'baaahaaa' for sheep. the 'baaahaaahaaa' is quite hilarious. i'm trying to capture it on video but of course, you're a typical toddler who won't perform when i neeeeed you too!

you still love coloring, but pens are your favorite. you'd choose a pen over a crayon any day! you seem to find pens EVERYWHERE and walk around until you find SOME kind of paper (whether its mail, napkins, books) and then you'll plop down and begin your art! you've also discovered your body is a canvas! NOT FUN. you seem to find pens as soon as you get out of the bath and mark all over yourself. i cannot tell you how many times per day/night we tell you 'paper only!!' the kicker is - you KNOW you aren't supposed to write on yourself and you STILL do it. you will mark your tummy, hands, legs or anywhere else possible and then look up with the GUILTIEST look and say 'uh ohhh'. i will tell you paper only and you will hunch down so i can't see your face and act like you have been writing on the paper the entire time! little sneak!!

aside from the seizure, this has been a GREAT month! you have learned SO much this month and it seems like you're doing/learning something new every day! its hard to believe, but your little personality expands daily and i find myself laughing at your silly antics ALL the time.

[can you tell what we're doing here?!! AIRPLANE! one of kullen's favorites!]

i love you man. you're the light of my life! and even though i'm having another baby - you will always be my baby! [another post on that to come later] you're going to be an amazing big brother <3


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Such a bright, happy lil man! Those pics are adorable. He has the prettiest eyes. He is def going to be a great big brother. <3

Diana said...

Kullen is surely going to be one great big brother :) What a smart little man you have on your hands. And Bryce gets up EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT to come in my room, I think it's out of habit but how do you break that? So I'm with ya on that, plus they're only little once :)

Steph said...

Shut.up. 20 months ALREADY!?!?! It's so funny b/c people always say they grow up so fast but we never really understand until they're already BIG. :( He's such a little smarty pants and I love love love that you got so much mama time with your boy.It sucks it was b/c you guys were sick, but still I'm so happy for you :)
He is the happiest little chicken and his smile is infectious and I love how you manage to capture that in every photo <3
I can't believe the countdown to PRESCHOOLER begins!!! :(