December 15, 2010


December 5: Let Go
What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

wow. this has been the year of letting go.
although i could make this post extremely long, i won't. to answer this question - i have let go of caring. not in general but regarding a certain issue or two.

i have come to realize this year that no matter how badly i want someone to make different choices in their life, they won't. i spent months and months stressing myself [and other people in my life, i'm sure] regarding a certain situation or two. i had to learn that people are going to make their mistakes and choices and ultimately it isn't any ones fault but their own. every action has a consequence and others have to suffer harder consequences than others.

this year i have watched people single handedly destroy their own lives. i'd listen when they needed it or offer advice or just to be with them and it seemed accepted at the time but i would quickly learn it was all talk. i would get upset knowing that their lives were being destroyed and there wasn't anything i could personally do about it.

after removing myself from the situation and making myself distant, i began to feel healthier and have healthier relationships with other people. i realized this decision was for the best. i had to let go. at this point, if i'm wanted in someones life they will make it a point to keep me or bring me back there.

this situation in general has been awful. for the people in it, sure, but also for the people on the outside who are helpless. what makes it most heartbreaking on me is that i see other people going down this same road. i'm told everything is fine but i'm not blind. i had a very good upbringing and found a VERY good man who takes care of me and would never degrade me or put anything before me. i see people who don't have that and think what they have is normal. although they KNOW better. this is something else i've just had to let go of. i can't spend time stressing about other people's decisions anymore.

LET GO [and let God!]

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

Kaley, I love reading your post! Your outlook on this and the changes you made are great!

& I am one person that wishes I had the upbringing you and so many other had.