December 15, 2010


December 4: Wonder
How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?
SENSE OF WONDER n. a feeling of awakening or awe triggered by an expansion of one’s awareness of what is possible or by confrontation with the vastness of space and time, as brought on by reading science fiction.[
i'm still not sure if i'm answering this question properly but here goes.
my answer: blogging. [and the blog world]
as soon as i started blogging and finding all the wonderful blogs out there i began to wonder how my life could be transformed by blogging. this developed into how i could become a better 'photographer' and cook.
the blog world [and people in it, obv] is filled with very talented people that are willing to share their creative ideas. from that, i strive to become better at things and wonder of how/if they will play a part in my future. i have this dream of waking up in the morning and sitting down to my computer with a cup of coffee and just blogging. blogging about the ahhh-mazing meal that i created last night. blogging about a photo shoot that i did for a neighbor and her kids down the street. blogging about a new sale on my etsy shop. i have this dream and because of the blog world, i often wonder if this dream can become reality.
[disclaimer: don't judge. i may not have gotten this prompt but i decided to post to the best of my ability!]

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