November 22, 2010

kullen - seventeen months+

it's almost hard for me to grasp onto the fact that i no longer have a baby. he is a full blown, temper tantrum throwing, trying to repeat words, doing things for a reaction and when finding one that makes you laugh - repeating it, TODDLER!  will this be my last month in pronouncing his age in months? next month, i will be boastfully saying 'he's a year and a HALF!' after next month, will i say he's 19 months/20months/21 months or will i just say 'he's a little over a year and a half' or the dreadful 'he's almost 2' - AH! overwhelming. put that on the list of 'i'll cross that bridge when i get there'!

anywayyyy! i couldn't be an happier with kullens progression at 17 months. you've perfected your skills from 16 months as well as added a few more to the list!

you've learned where your teeth and tongue are! when asked where you're tongue is - you open your mouth SO wide [while trying to fight a smile because this is your new favorite and you're SO proud of yourself!] for teeth, you point to them. i'm trying to teach you to 'chomp' for teeth but we haven't gotten there yet!

you definitely sing 'twinkle twinkle' and favorite line is 'up above the world so high!'

favorite show - yo gabba gabba. you can be anywhere in the house and the minute you hear dj lance rock on the tv, you stop what you're doing and run to the living room to dance! :)

new words include - apple juice, up, nigh-night, up-dada, up-mama, bye-bye, ba-ba, kitty, doggy [and still woof for dogs], bite, more, and please. we're working on thank you and i think he says it occasionally.

the biggest accomplishment this month is signing! 'more' and 'please' to be specific. and every now and then we'll get 'more, please' TOGETHER :)

you are definitely a stubborn, free-willed child. you know what you want and nothing can distract you from it. you throw full on tantrums and we're not sure how to deal with it. we typically ignore you or try to distract you with something else. i have NO CLUE where you learned this throwing yourself on the floor, kicking and screaming from but it isn't pleasant. thank goodness your good/happy times outweigh the bad ;]

you are still loving your trucks but you also love these two stuffed animals lately. one is a frog and the other is a dog and they play music when you squeeze their hands/feet/ears/belly. you carry them around and squeeze them and get so excited when the music plays. you clap along to 'if you're happy and you know it...' and attempt to follow along to 'head, shoulders, knees and toes'! :)
you're a professional patty-caker ;) don't even need me to help roll your hands anymore :'(

you also LOVE talking on the phone, er - pretending to talk on the phone. give the kid a real phone and FREEZE! but, any other time, you're a regular chatty kathy! whether its a remote, walkie-talkie, thermometer or my cell [when you can get your hands on it] - you know exactly what to do! and it's sooo cute!

my biggest boy - i love you through and through and you continue to make me proud everyday! i'm looking forward to what the big one and a half years holds for you :)


Unknown said...

Oh man, it all happens so fast doesn't it?! My one year old is starting to do the arched back kicking and screaming tantrums and I think I'm really in for a wild ride. But I'm so excited to see what's to come- sounds like a lot of great things are happening at 17 months :)

Kathy said...

maww, he was so sweet to me last night <3