November 22, 2010

owl you need is ...

did anyone else notice the owl on the new holiday cups? omg!

on another note - i've come up with a new blog name! and it's NOT one of the ones that i previously mentioned. i came up with it on saturday evening as me and the hubs were watching a movie! he agreed it was a perfect name for my blog in relation to our family! ;]
stay tuned for a blog makeover, including new name and button!

AND - the winner of the Shutterfly 8x8 photobook is Swindy's Stories! thank you SO much everyone for participating! :)


Swindy's Stories said...

I win?!?!? How exciting! :) I was just looking at these photo books last night! :) Thank you so much!

~Dawn~ said...

I'm anxious to see your new design and name!! :)) I LOVE owls, too!!


I have some great giveaways going on at Mom-a-Logues. Low entires.

Stephanie @ said...

Ohhh I love owls!!! I needed a reason to go to Starbucks, thanks :)


Unknown said...

SO cute!!! Aaaaaaaand I'm totally chomping at the bit waiting to hear your new blog name :) Is Jess making your button?