November 29, 2010

i'm alive

... in case you were wondering! ;]

we escaped to connecticut to visit with my family for the holidays and although i vowed [to myself] that i would blog, i didn't. it was nice to relax and not even get on the computer [except to buy 4 kid-sized hooded towels for kullen that were 8$ each - originally 30$ each].

we left tuesday night and got in around 2am! we spent wednesday relaxing and ventured out to grab lunch and see my new baby cousin, addison <3 she is perfect! - see -

thursday - thanksgiving - the family came over and we ate and ate and ATE! we had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes [with homemade gravy!], sweet potato casserole, lasagna [northern thing, hehe], green bean casserole, rolls, 'kraut salad, turnips, mac&cheese and [icky icky] lima beans. for dessert we enjoyed cherry yum-yum, fudge pie, angle food cake and of course punkin pie! YUM. drooling over here. i should have taken a picture of this spread! hehe
we, of coursed, watched new england take the W ;] and spent the rest of the evening chatting and watching bub and adam play the new kinect game! hilarious ;]

[black] friday - we.did.nothing! :] it was the first time, like, ever that i didn't shop! instead we laid around and watched tv! friday evening, we left little man with nana&grandy and went with bub, uncle, dad and robin to play pool and eat pizza, and let me telllll you - this pizza was AH-MAZING! :)

it was sad how fast our trip came to an end. we left saturday night and got home around 2am, sigh. although it was nice to be home, we miss the family.
my family is far from perfect but they love me - and my husband [probably more] so much and it's nice to get away and spend time with them. i wish i lived closer to my cousins, especially now that we're older and are having babies!

i hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving <3

i also hope everyone likes the new blog name! i think it suits us poags perfect! ;] make sure you grab the new button!


Jeska said...

Love the pics! I can tell you used the Seventies action on at least one :) :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should put the pic of you all walking up the beach with the hats on your blog...hahaha

Anonymous said...

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