December 1, 2010

giving thanks - entirely

as usual, i'm behind. but i am determined not to quit something that i started [example - the giving thanks series that i stole from mandee!] let's recap, shall we?!
i've been thankful for: steph, my job, fridays, grandparents, laughter, husband, health, military/vets, hockey!, a handy-man hub, friends, sissy, internet, kullen and my life [in general].

sixteen - family.
i have always been thankful for my family but after spending time with most of them over the holiday, it just really reminded me how lucky that i am to have them. people who are very similar to me and that i can laugh and joke with and be totally comfortable with. it's like, we go a year or so without seeing each other but we have this instant bond of family-hood when we're together and it's indescribable. i love it, and them.

seventeen - kazi!
i love that little kitty girl! she may shed and puke on my carpet but i still love her. i miss her when i'm gone and i KNOW she misses me. she curls up at the foot of our bed every night and rubs against us every morning, as if saying 'have a good day, i'll miss ya but MIGHT puke on your carpet' ;] i got her back in 2003 when she was just 12 or so weeks old and she's been part of our family ever since!

eighteen - my house.
we were blessed in finding our home in 2008. our Realtors [which i'm also thankful for] called us and said we had to check the house out, even though it was just a little bit more expensive than what we wanted. we went to see and it knew we had to put an offer on the house. we did, bank accepted and it was done! although there are things i complain about, i am lucky to have such a beautiful house in a great neighborhood. it's a great feeling knowing that you have your own place to retire to every day!

nineteen - music.
i love love LOVE music. it's like food to my soul. when i'm sad, mad, happy, mellow - music always finds a way to nurture those feelings. i'm pretty open to all types of music - from rap to hard rock and pop to country. i love anything that tickles my fancy and i especially love anything i can belt along with! i listen to music all day at work [thank you pandora], as soon as i get in the car and usually when i'm cooking dinner [thanks mom for the kitchen radio!]. i don't know what i would do without music.

twenty - my parents.
i'm thankful that i was blessed with good parents. they raised me quite well, if i do say so myself. we didn't always get along but it made the relationships we have today much stronger. they were and are always there for me when i need them and they spoiled/spoil me with love and anything else i truly want/need. they are accepting of my husband and love him as if he were their own. they may not be together but they'll always have a common bond [their kids] and can put things aside to be there for us [like when kullen was born] and for that, i thank them!

twenty-one - my camera.
i'm sure you all remember the camera disaster, right? and how amazing it was that nikon was going to be fixing my camera. HA. a few days after that post - i got my camera back alright, NOT FIXED. after disputing it and having them send me pictures of my extremely RUINED camera ... i lost the battle and realized that my poor nikon was a lost cause :( so, off i went to purchase a NEW camera. i had full intentions of getting the same camera which was on sale but ended up getting a different camera in the end. after talking with the oh-so-helpful sales associate, i ended up purchasing the nikon3100. AND, i was able to use my 10% off coupon which brought the price to lower than the 5000sale price! and you BET i purchased the 3yr 'coversEVERYTHING - including coleslaw - warranty'. i know it seems impulsive [which should have been my middle name] but i absolutely LOVE my camera and just neeeeeeed it. i am so glad i did because i was able to capture some gorgeous pictures of my baby cousin and MY baby while in CT for thanksgiving.

twenty-two - modern day amenities.
washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, stove, microwave, hair dryer, straightener, shampoo, conditioner, soap, cable, tv, radio, dvr, gps, droiiiiiiid, BABY MONITORS, ceiling fans, heating, fridge .. and the list goes on and on. although i like to think that i could live back in those simple times [and possibly COULD if i didn't already know all the afore mentioned things] i am SO grateful that i live in the times of the savvy. could you imagine a world without all that? ick!

twenty-three - sales/coupons.
man, i LOVE a good sale. there are few things that make me happier than finding something marked down 40%, 50%, 60%. finding a great pair of jeans on sale for 10$! AH!
i especially love having a coupon for a really expensive item and getting it for remarkably less than someone who doesn't have a coupon! [haha, evil laughter]
i love using my bonus card at safeway and waiting until the very end and seeing that price go down and down, ahhhhh simple joys.

twenty-four - my car.
i'm thankful that i have something i can jump in and go if i need too. i've always had a car, since the day i began driving so it's something that i definitely take for granted. although sometimes i think about how nice it would be if i didn't have a car [wouldn't be able to go to work ... drats!] i know that i wouldn't be able to live without it. so very thankful for her!

twenty five - my inner strength.
i'm sure a lot of people consider themselves a strong person but i really consider myself one. i have been through numerous things that could/should break a person down, even for a bit, and i have managed to keep my composure [mostly].
even at times when i think i can't hold it together, somehow i do. i hold it together for my husband or for my son and even for myself. i don't want to let myself down.
right now, i'm especially thankful for it. trying to get pregnant and failing can and will break you down if you let it and i refuse. don't get me wrong - i complain and talk about it with my friends and even shed a tiny tear or two but i know, at the end of the day, there is a reason for it.
i'm thankful for the person i am and the strength God has given me.

... the end :)

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MandeeFoFandee said...

I am so proud of you for finishing this! also, I agree on everything you're thankful for, especially the last one! ;)

you're a great mother, and you were meant to be a mama - you just have to be patient and let your body work it's magic! trust me, it WILL happen!

PS - I'm jealous of your dishwasher.