November 14, 2010

giving thanks - weekend edition

i am lucky to have a handful of great friends! we can get together and chat for hours on end about absolutely nothing! we laugh at the most stupid things and there is no judgement.
i have some friends that i can go weeks without talking to and when we get together it's like we never even missed a day. those are my amazing friendships. life can cause friends to be in different places in their lives but whenever we need each other, we're right there for one another.
friends make the world a better place. when you're upset or fighting with your husband, who do you go to? friends. when you need to bitch about a coworker, who do you go to? friends! when you've got GREAT news, who do you go to? FRIENDS.
i'm lucky enough to have a pretty large handful of wonderful girls in my life, some closer than others but they are all amazing none the less and i'm thankful for each and every one!

a handy husband.
i am lucky that i've been blessed with a 'handy man' husband. lord knows that i spend enough money as it is, could you imagine if i had to hire someone to do all the crap around my house?
this weekend alone, the hub has replaced our thermostat [with a fancy digital one], almost finished the bathroom ceiling, taught me how to removed OLD bathtub caulk and worked two side jobs! and that's just this weekend!
since we've bought our house he has put in recess lighting in our living room, put in two ceiling fans, painted the entire house, added a second sink to our master bathroom [creating a his and her style], hung tvs and pictures, built nursery furniture and replaced vanities just to name a few.
not only is he handy with the house but he also knows his way around a car. he's replaced brakes and batteries, plugs and oil.
the great thing about adam is that if he doesn't know how to do something, he will figure it out. whether he messes up 3940394923 times or looks up a 'how-to' on google.
i'm lucky to have someone like him because otherwise i'd be one broke girl - OR the girl with an ugly house!

[specifically the caps!]
i used to say [and think] that football was my favorite sport. while i still enjoy it, it has definitely been replaced.
i remember when i first got into hockey. i was pregnant and adam had gone to a game with his buddy. i figured i might as well watch the game since he was there and all. i thought it was pretty neat to watch, so when adam came home RAVING about it, i knew i'd better get used to watching it.
it was shortly after that when i downloaded the caps update application on my phone so we could be updated during our child birth class! :)
i'm glad that i found a sport that i enjoy just as much [if not more] as my husband! while i liked football, i would still get slightly annoyed by four hour games back to back all day on sunday! it's like overkill!
hockey is right up my alley! quick paced, entertaining, full of cute guys and good fights :)

we enjoyed our first family CAPS hockey game this weekend! kullen was intrigued and seemed to love it just as much as his mama and daddy do!

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

It feels good to be back! & I bet I miss you more! : )