November 15, 2010

giving thanks - twelve


i am SO thankful for my sister. i can't imagine a world without her.
she is the one person that i can be my total self around whether it's serious or silly - she understands me completely. she is someone to talk to and complain too whenever i need it.
more than a friend she often understands how i feel without me even having to explain myself. it's a bond and connection that only sisters have.
she is the only person i met when they were one day old and spent every day with growing up.

when we were younger, she was the thorn in my side [sorry zoo!] as a teenager, my parents sent her everywhere with me and i absolutely hated it. i was mean to her and subjected her to things that a kid her age shouldn't have been and i hate myself for it but i know that it made us the sisters/friends that we are today.

i wish i could go back to those days when she was always around. my, how i took those times for granted. what i wouldn't give to have my sister with me ALLLL the time now-a-days! luckily, i still get to see her quite often but it's never as much as i'd like!

i'm lucky to have such a beautiful sister and i only wish the best for her and her future. she may not be perfect, but she is my perfect sister ♥

from happy sissys

to crazy sissys

from sassy sissys

to touring sissys

from sad sissys

to crazy sissys

forever sissys :)

i love you zannie!
& i am thankful for you!

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terri said...

way late in commenting - but I read your blog every so often and zannie happened to be here when i read this one - and I started reading and she realized what i was reading and realized it was about her - how special your bond is AND i TOTALLY GET WHY YOU LOVE HER SO MUCH - SHE'S A KEEPER!