November 13, 2010

teeth and stuff

i feel like teeth will be the death of me.
all of us poags have issues with teeth - from cavities to implants and most recently MOLARS.
a month or so ago, kullen got all four molars at once. the bottom two popped completely through pretty quick and the uppers are still taking their sweet time. i think they are finally pushing their way down completely and making my sweet boy miserable.
he has been whiny, not sleeping in his crib and to top it all off - explosive you-know-what. needless to say, it's been trying my patience.

we didn't get hardly anything accomplished today. we did finally get a shelf hung in my boys room for all his books :D we attempted to strip the nasty caulk from our bathroom tubs but it was stuck on there pretty good. we're going to get a caulk-loosening agent tomorrow and hopefully get both tubs stripped and re-caulked! thank GOODNESS. the hub also finished the mud work on our downstairs bathroom so all we need to do is sand and paint and our once collapsed ceiling will be fixed! he also installed a digital programmable thermostat today! he wouldn't shut up about it so i all but forced him to buy one today and be done with it already!

i miss my camera SO much. i briefly mentioned it was 'sick' in a previous blog but didn't go into detail because i was quite devastated. coleslaw was the death of my nikon5000 BUT i shipped it off to nikons service department and got the good news last week they received it and were fixing it free of charge! WOOO HOOO! i have been diligently checking their service website EVERY day and this morning when i checked saw that word i've been waiting for - SHIPPED! i'm hoping to have her back monday or tuesday! she has been TRULY missed!

the hub got his christmas gift early. an xbox 360 with kinect and NHL 11. he owes me! so, in between cleaning, house projects and my blogging - he's gaming it up, nerd!

i finished my first [okay, third] official crochet hat! the first one i made [for kullen] turned out decent but too small, the second one is very cute but NOT crochet. turns out, i made up my own stitch and somehow formed a hat from it! so this is actually my third had but its legit and turned out SUPER cute =D i am working on a matching newborn and also one for kullen! it's getting chilly here in the nations capitol!

i'm behind on blogging, the 25 days of thankfullness and cleaning house - story of this mamas life!
at least we're not behind on brushing ;]

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Diana said...

Glad your camera is getting fixed :) I HATE not having a camera!!! Kullen is so adorable; he looks so much like you!