November 20, 2010

christmas list

a camera bag! i would dieeee for this owl one, but i can't see spending 70$! ah!
in fact, i would like annyyyyything from etsy keyword owl!

this ahhhhdorable hoodie [which i saw on mandee's blog!]
actually - any CAPS gear will be awesome!

banana tree fruit holder

the following from urban outfitters [which i can't figure out how to copy the pictures!]
owl catch-all  [in maroon]

an exercise bike! preferably one that folds up for convenient storage!!

also - a puppy for kullen, all expenses paid vacation to -anywhereoutofthecountry-, a full body massage, maid service, anything to organize better, lowes 2039482938492390293$ giftcard and all that with a cherry on top! :D

merry christmas!


Grace Matthews said...

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

I like the owl t-shirt.

Unknown said...

I've got a puppy for you. You're welcome!

MandeeFoFandee said...

hmm, a little birdie told me that Santa may be bringing you a camera bag. you're on your own for the rest. hahaha

Chelsi said...

haha, I have an obsession with Lowes' too! Its soo greatt