July 21, 2010

wednesday off the wagon

love this idea - definitely stolen from caterpillar family! [go ahead, click it!!]
as i was biting into my delisssshhhh [greasy] steak and cheese, i read her post and suddenly i didn't feel so bad about myself! although, a slimjim is probably not AS bad as a steak and cheese - but i digress! ;]

so, i made a delicious chicken stir fry last night accompanied by wonderful brown [healthy yet taste like dried popcorn] rice! this morning when i went to get some from the fridge for lunch today, i noticed it was GONE. yep, it was that good that hubby took it ALL.
[pause for bite of deliciousness]
so, i knew i would have to buy my lunch today because i didn't have time to prepare anything else this morning and was out of those lovely frozen lean cusines crap! ;]
so, 11ish the tummy began to roll and all i could think about was steak and cheese with provolone cheese, green peppers, fried onions, lettuce and tomatoes ... omg, DROOOOL!!!
and so i got it ... and was half feeling guilty about it - until i read WEDNESDAY OFF THE WAGON. oh yes, i am OFF it. one fat cheek at a time ;]

anyone else falling off with me?
make sure you link back to caterpillar family!!
[pause for another bite]

maybe i'll get some icecream on the way home from work ... ;]

ps. my cute font is gone, i know. i attempted to redo the blog and messed some things up =/ eventually i'll have my blog back - or maybe a brand new look? we'll see :)

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rite said...

Your blog is adorable!!!
New follower!


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