July 21, 2010

dear blogspot,

it would be REALLLLLLLY nice if you added a 'private' feature. and by that, i mean it would be nice if only people i accepted could see my blog! here is my dilemma: i realllly want to post a blog about my coworkers! i think it would be quite humorous BUT i'm afraid they might see it. i have a link to my blog on my facebook, which i could remove but who's to say they haven't already seen it. also - these people are sneeeeky and would probably find SOME WAY to find it, if not already. and i just don't want to take the risk of them reading and taking to my boss. BA HAHA! i think it would be nice for people to HAVE to be followers to view your blog, this would also eliminate 'non-follower stalkers'

also blogspot ... it would be nice if you had some feature that notified you if you'd been mentioned in someones blog. [kind of like a facebook tab] yes, they link to you - but how are you to know if you don't read the blog right away. i have been backed up in my blogs [probably because i follow 23904823948039 blogs] and finally got to one and noticed i had been mentioned in a previous entry! =/ oops!

one last thing - do you have to make the HTML and blog design SOOO complicated? i swear, i thought i was a pro at HTML. at least i was on myspace ... not so much on blogspot! i have to give kudos because you are making things slightly easier as of recently but if it weren't for 'shabby blogs' or 'cutest blog on the block' .. my page would be ugly and boring!

so blogspot ... i, as a dedicated blogger and follower, demand you fix these issues of mine promptly!! ;]


daniii♥ said...

I've seen private blogspot blogs before. You had to email them to get you to add them.

Kathy said...

I agree with A B & C =)

kaley said...

well, i am GLAD i posted this because stephanie @ ... and baby makes five just informed me that i CAN make my blog private by going to settings tab and then privacy!! but, my question now issss - why does it say i can have UP TO 100 readers??

Jenn said...

I 110% agree with you! I wish Blogger had features such as FB. Unfortunately, the only way you can block your blog is to make it on "private." BUT only readers that YOU invite can see it. Which means they have to create a google email acct, you have to add them to your list, and they have to log-in every time they want to see your blog. Which is such a hassle!

Anonymous said...

Agree! But im not to into the privacy... only because I dont have very many folks that look at my blog BUT Your reason makes great sense!! =) Oh and it would be nice if they had more ideas for the layouts since the ones they have are kinda ugggly... hehe but you go girl! I sure hope that they figure it out for ya!

Still Standing ... said...

And also blogspot please add a LIKE BUTTON because I would like to use it :)

BTW can yu email me or something with this super funny story because now I want to know !!