July 6, 2010

blog award :)

how exciting - my first one! even after i have been a blog-slacker the past few days (4th of july weekend getaway with NO cell OR computer) - so it's nice to have a little something to come back too!
i received this award from adventures in cloth diapering - a new favorite blog of mine :)

The guidelines for accepting this award require the recipient to (1) thank the person who gave it to you; (2) tell 7 things about yourself; and (3) pass the award on to some marvelous bloggers, whom you have recently discovered and think are fantastic.

sooo - thank you Mrs. Mommy for my FIRST blog award :)

and for seven things - hm!!!

1. i work for the government and while i love the money i make, i absolutely HATE working. i want nothing more than to stay home with my son [and future kids]

2. speaking of, my husband and i are trying for our second baby.

3. i HATE wearing shoes, i am barefoot as MUCH as possible.

4. i have all these ideas in my head for craft projects and home organization but fear i don't have the talent to complete them.

5. i'd love to be green/hippy-ish and "live off the land" on a farm and make all my own clothings, food and cleaning supplies.

6. i only like my handwriting when i use sharpie ultra fine point pens.

7. i love my son SO much and wonder how i will love another baby as much as him but at the same time fear that i will not be able to love him as much once we have a second baby.

the three blogs i pass this award to are:

caterpillar family
good food, good friends, good life
confessions of a trophy wife


Stephanie said...

Ahh! I won an award and I don't even have a speech prepared! ;)

I'm too excited!

Also, based on your 7 facts about you, I'm pretty sure we're the same person. Except I'm not ready for a 2nd child yet, but I do have the same fear(s) you listed about future kids!

Mrs. Mommy said...

You're welcome! You certainly deserve it! You are a new favorite blog of mine too.

We were all slacking on blogging this weekend. :0)

I too worry that I won't be able to love a second child as much as my son. My husband tells me I'm silly, and I figure it will all be OK in the end. After all, I never thought I could love someone the way I love my son either. I imagine it will be much the same with our next child.

Good luck TTC!

Unknown said...

Thank you!! I've passed it along :)