May 3, 2010


after we give kullen his bath at night, we have a little routine - as do most parents i'm sure! we take him out and lift him up in the air, shake/shimmy him and then wrap him in a towel! we stop by the mirror and say 'hi' to 'that cute baby' in the mirror [this has become kullens favorite part, i think]. we then go into his room, put him down in his crib, and he immediately stands up! then he gets lotioned, diapered and pj'd ;D we usually let him play, or play with him, in his crib. tonight, we chose to play with him ... this lead to all three of us laughing SO hard and kNa in tears, holding our cheeks!
it began with adam ducking below the crib rail so kullen couldn't see him and then popping up and shouting 'peek-a-boo!!' ... the giggles began. next thing you know, instead of adam ducking down - kullen was flopping down on the mattress and then popping up! then we were taking turns with mancub, up and down - 'peeeeeeeeeek-a-boooooooo!!!' :D at this point, my cheeks were ACHING!!!! then kullen realized he could see us - through the rails and bumper which made us and him crack up even more! this went on for about 20 minutes ... if only lil man could shout 'peek-a-boo!' =D

on another fun note - adam lowered the mattress so kullen can sleep in his own bed again! :D well, lets face it ...not happy face! i am going to miss having him right next to our bed! but, he is definitely growing him so his own bed [and room] is where he shall be! hmph! ;]

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Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

You and Adam are such good parents. I'm glad you are enjoying him and playing with him. This makes for a happy secure baby.