April 30, 2010

woahhhh - i never meant to bragggg!

typically i'm not one to brag ... well, maybe i am! ;) haha!

in regards to the title - who has two thumbs and is going to see paramore, againnnn - THIS GIRL!!!!! =D this will be my FIFTH time seeing my favorite band - and second time having 'floor' seats. although, there won't be seats because its standing room but that is actually how i prefer it! i can push my way as far up front as possible =D plus, even if you are in the back of the crowd - you're still basically RIGHT there! AH!! =D cannot wait!
we are also going to see chevelle in july! :D mmmm i do love me some chevelle and being that it's one of husbands favorite bands - he is the one who told me to get the tickets! so it doubles for me ... happy hubby and hottie chevelle! hehe!

buuuut the purpose of this post is to announce that i am now 139LBS!!!!!!! this is AWESOME!!!! i gained around 60lbs during my pregnancy and the fact that i'm only 24lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight is SUCH an inspiration. My only regret is that i didn't start sooner - because i would have my 'summer' body already - but being that i started roughly two months ago - i'd say i'm doing a good job! so, what am i doing you ask ... easy! I joined the gym across the street from my work and have been going to cycle/spin class twice a week, at the least. Granted, i have slipped a few weeks and have only gone once or even not at all .. but average is twice a week! I am also walking with the boys at night - weather permitting! so that's my 'excersise regiment' - oh, and chasing a 10 month old around :D
eating-wise .... greek yogurt for breakfast! chobani to be exact! for lunch - lean cuisines or lunchable - something with low calories (and low sodium!!) ... and if i find myself hungry again before my work day is over - i have a drawer packed with 100cal snacks! =D and as for dinner - all about portions. i typically will make adam's plate - and then make mine HALF the size of adam's!
now lets be real - there are times where i over-indulge or stray from the healthy eating - but hey, we're human and thats natural right! just as long as it doesn't become an everyday thing! I also drink a lottttt of water - flushing those toxins out! :)
so i'm going to continue to post about my weight loss journey ... seeing that scale and finding out that i'm out of the 140 zone has really inspired me to focus and get this weight OFF!
my luck - as soon as i'm down where i wanna be - i'll be pregnant again! ha! :D

and one last thing to 'brag' about ... adam and kullen are taking me to NYC for mothers day! :) we will leave friday after work and spend the night and then spend all day saturday walking around times square, central park, soho and wherever else my little heart desires! we will head back saturday night and then sunday be able to spend some time with our moms! well, thats the plan anyway .. guess i shouldn't really 'brag' because it's not set in stone yet ... but he did promise ;) sorta! hahaha!

... but i got him where i want him nowwwww! ;)

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