March 3, 2010

rings and things ...

tuesday was a sick day for mr. kullen ... but we made the most of it! he had bananas and graham crackers for breakfast that morning, and i think he enjoyed them, despite feeling bad!

he also got some ABC blocks over the weekend ... daddy's orders! :) we had some fun playing with them! :)

... and finally, adams new wedding ring came in ... and he actually liked it too!! i was extremely happy about that!

alsoooo - kullen got to see both his grandma and mimi! :) despite his stinkin cold and fussiness - he enjoyed his grandparent time!

linda brought us some lingonberry preserves from ikea when she came by!! :) we absolutely LOVE this stuff!! i made pork chops with lingonberry sauce not long ago, and it was delish! i've also substituted lingonberry for seedless raspberry in thumbprint cookies ... also a success. i will defintely be exploring my cooking options with lingonberry now that i have a brand new jar! :D

ok - now i'm gonna throw in a random rant ... some of you may know, i am trying to lose some weight and with that, comes "healthier" snacks ... so of course, i get 100 calorie snack packs. usually, i am not disappointed in my selections but i was proven wrong today. typically, chocolate chip cookies that are only 100 calories seem like a delightful treat ... HA! boy, was i wrong ... not only are they the size of dimes ... they were mush, like raw cookie dough ... which can be amazing - but not in this case!!! lesson learned!

...aaaaaaaaand last but not least! i had to show off these cuuuuuuute pj's that aunt cousin got for kullen! his first calvin kleins!! ;]


MandeeFoFandee said...

Adam's new ring looks just like Sean's!

what brand of snacks are you getting? are you being a cheapo and getting Safeway brand? haha! the Chips Ahoy 100 calorie packs aren't bad! the only thing that sucks about 100 calorie packs is you want to eat like 875 packs of them! CHH!

kaley said...

no man! i got keebler chips deluxe!!! i typically get the nabisco ones but there keeblers were on sale ... never againnnnnn!

laurastical said...

is adam's new ring titanium?? titanium is niiice, it's kinda nickel plated (i think thats what it's called?) looking - i like nickel plated silver better than just silver - some of my appliances at the house are nickel & i found that it's so much easier to clean because you don't have to worry about the "sparkle" factor!

LOOOOOVE the calvin klein PJ's on my cutest wittle cousin ever :D i'll be on the hunt for more now that i know they fit him! (somehow i enjoy shopping for kullen-clothes more than laura-clothes) hahah..

&i'm glad to see biggie likes banana - i would wonder how he came from you if not. he's such a cuteface, i miss him & think about his smiling wittle face waaaayyy too much. lookin forward to seeing him on saturday:)