March 4, 2010

idol recap

so, i'm not your typical die-hard idol fan ... but i have watched all the seasons and i think this season is a really good one! there are definitely some people on there who are DIFFERENT - and i love it :P here is my take!

ahhhh, casey ... where to even begin :) i love a long-haired, guitar playin man! while you are definitely nice on the eyes, you're not bad on the ears too ... i think you will go far in the competition .. perhaps on looks alone, but far none the less!

little weird named girl ... siobhan. while i love the way you sing, i can't help but think of allison [from intervention] who huffed paint everytime i look at you.
and you dont help the matter when you open your mouth to speak, sometimes i wonder if you just huffed a can before you went on stage. more singing ... less talking!

mr. lee ... i thought you were pretty amazing last night with your rendition of lips of an angel! but, as stated when talking about casey ... love a guitar playing man - and frankly, you are better when you serenate me with it! i still think you'll do well this year though!

lacey, lacey ... i'm not sure what happened with you, but i really did like you during audtions, and i was so happy when you made it - thinking this could be laceys year. BUT - my views have changed! i'm not sure if its the songs you are picking but you sound like a six year old girl when you sing. you can some good qualities to your voice and need to focus on those and not the "cutesey baby voice" ... cuz its annoying! good luck ... your time may be ending shortly =/

andrew garcia ♥ i don't have much to say other than, i love you! favorite guy - hands down!

lilly girl ... you are amazing. i have loved everything you did ... your voice is one of kind and regardless if you win this season .. i know you will get a record deal and i can't wait for it! although, i will be glad when i dont have to LOOK at you sing! you make weird faces and form your lips weirdly ... but i still like you! :)

crystal - favorite girl - hands down. i absolutely love everything you have done ... i look forward to you every week. keep yourself healthy girrrrrrl!

didi! despite what the judges have said to you - i really like you and your voice. i hope you stick around a while ... cuz you are really talented. sing me some terrified again! :)

oh.em.gee. girl, take that smile down 234823904830294839 levels!!! the singing isn't too bad, but i can't get past that mouth of yours. maybe making headbands is a better carreer choice for you ... jus sayin.

jermaineeeee ... i just like you! :) i think you are very good lookin, i love your style (especially that marilyn shirt boyyyyyy) and i think you have a great voice. i hope you stay around ... i ike to watch you! ;]

katie - eh, you're okay .. just giving you a shout out cuz you're from connecticut :D

michelle - if it were up to me, you would have been gone last week .. and janelle would have been kept. i cannot STAND you ... your voice is plain and the way you put your tongue behind your fakely-perfect teeth annoys the CRAP out of me. hope this is the last week i have to see your face. >:O

little aaron .. you are too cute and your story is very touching. i think you will stay around awhile because all the teeny boppers who just got cell phones are going to be voting for you like crazy! well, that and you have a good voice! also giving you a shout out because your family is friends with my aunt scarlett and her husband! :)

big mike! i love you, dude!!! i think you have an amazing voice - and the fact you missed your daughters birth to be apart of american idol means you deserve to stay a while - and i hope you do!

... all the rest - alex lambert (aka mullet), john park, katelyn epperly, paige miles, tim urban and todrick hall ... while you're all okay, you're nothing note-worthy and hopefully you all get voted off first and leave the ones with real talent to battle it out!
don't forget to VOTE! :D

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Anonymous said...

Wish everyone else felt this way... def not happy with the top 12! :/