March 5, 2010

two o'clock blues ...

ughhh ... sitting at work SUUUUUCKS! i can think of a trillion other things i'd rather be doing ... such as:

- curled up on the couch, watching tv
- cooking something deeee-lish
- getting ready for a night out with my favorites
- cuddling with kullen
- laying on the beach, or perhaps building a sandcastle with kullen (those two go hand in hand!)
- cleaning my house (yes! i said cleaning!)
- getting a massage
- snuggling with kullen
- getting a pedicure
- listening to a brand new CD
- shopping
- taking kullen somewhere for the first time ...

speaking of the last one ... lately, i have been wanting to take or do something NEW and FUN with kullen. i'm not sure why i have the urge, i guess because he is at the age of excitement and adventure, although he's not FULLY there yet. i am getting ahead of myself and i know it. sometimes, i find myself wishing he was older so we could do things and he would understand them more (like disney!) ... but i know that day will come! meanwhile, i am on the hunt for things to do that an 8 month old will have fun with! we'll see what i come up with ... ;]

1 comment:

McKenZie's said...

I wanna go to the zoo.. lets go to the zoo!!!!! Kullen will love it and Maria too!! :) just an idea!!! hehe