March 23, 2010

catching up ..

man - it seems like its been FOREVER since i last blogged ... i have been busy! work is actually keeping me occupied during the day, and of course mr. kullen occupies my time in the evenings! :)

first - happy birthday mandee!!!

we went and sang karaoke on saturday night for mandee's birthday ... and had a blast! :) thanks for having a birthday giL - love an excuse to sing karaoke! hehehe!

so, its been about a week since i posted last ... and i dont guess TOO much has happened! :)
adam had another session of tattooing with kevin @ shepke studios of pasadena, maryland! kevin did all this work freehand, kind of crazy huh ... i just can't wait to get some color and see the final product! haha! you'd think this tattoo is my own with how excited i am about it :D haha

can't wait until those cherry blossoms are pink :D

and keeping with our messy march theme ... we definitely have a few more messy pictures! :) my lil man LOVES to eat - and i think italian is one of his favorite things, like his mama :D

this is actually baby food! haha! he wouldn't eat it from his spoon so i just dumped it on his tray and let him have at it :)

who would have thought puffs and cheerios could be so messy! ;]

that's about it for the week ... i promise i wont be a slacker anymore! i'm working on adam (and he's breaking) about getting a new nikon camera, not only for blogging purposes but for kullen ... my p&s just isn't cutting it! ;]

can't forget a funny -

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