March 25, 2010

the number 25

so, i'm sure you've seen [or heard of] the movie 'the number 23' with jim carrey. WEIIIIIIRD movie but apparently kNa have a little 'number 23' thing going on, but with the number 25.

first off - we made our dating official on september 25, 2002. this begins the first of many 25's in our life adventure. [in fact, if i did further research i probably wouldn't be surprised to find out the very first day we started hanging out again - at cousins apartment- was probably august 25! ahaha]

kNa were married on August 25, 2006. great day :)

few years later ... kNa were expecting a baby boy - due June 25, 2009! :)
our baby was infact born a week early on June 19, 2009 - and as my husband so recently pointed out - 6/19 ... 6 + 19 = 25! :) fate, maybe? :D

few weeks ago ... we went to dinner with some friends of ours and of course there was a wait. we were given one of those 'buzzer' things - and when they called our table, they never took said buzzer. when we got home we realized that buzzer was in our diaper bag ... what do you think the number on the buzzer was ... none other than 25!

now i'm sure i could sit here and analyze everrrrry single event and date and somehow make it into the number 25 - as did Jim Carrey in 'the number 23' but i won't :)

although ... today IS the 25th ... and i AM 25! ;] HAHAHAHA! good day!

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MandeeFoFandee said...

I have that too, but with the number 12! it shows up EVERYWHERE!