February 16, 2015

ecloth: a review and giveaway!

If you all are anything like me, you're always searching for ways to make cleaning a little easier - and less toxic, especially with young kids in the house. Which is why when I heard about e-cloth, I knew I had to try this out! I knew my kitchen would definitely put the e-cloth to the test!

If you aren't familiar with them, you can visit their website for a detailed description but let me just tell you, these cloths are more than just efficent cloths, they really are "chemical free cleaning"! All I had to do was wet my cloth, with WATER, and it gave me an amazing, streak-free shine! it even cut through the dirt and grime! 
I chose the range & stovetop pack, as well as the stainless steel pack! 
I have forever been searching for a product for stainless steel that doesn't leave behind streaks - so far, I haven't found much. I was a bit skeptical that just cloths and water could do the trick, but I was proved wrong! 
Here are some before sand after picture of my fridge!
[don't judge me, i have kids!]
and after using the cloths:
 [if only it could take away the scuffs and dents, ::sigh::]

the next up to the test was the range & stovetop pack! 
my stove top is already damaged from prior abuse so I honestly wasn't expecting much - but I was pleasantly surprised when after using the 2 cloths, my top was shining so beautiful. Like I had waxed it or something! It's so hard to believe that I only used water and 2 clothes to achieve this!

I am BEYOND impressed with my cloths. Not only am I keeping dangerous chemicals away from my kids & pets - but I'm saving on buying that crap! 
The cloths are machine washable but can be rinsed in warm water for day-to-day use! does it get any easier than that?? 

If I had to pick just one of these products for my kitchen, I would go with the Range & Stovetop pack! This product also cleans stainless steel so it is pretty much the essential cloth for a kitchen! 

Check out all of e-cloths products here! There is pretty much a cloth for any need!
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E-Cloth is giving one lucky reader a pack of Range & Stovetop Cloths! The product is so versatile and works great on Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Metal, Glass, Enamel and Plastic! Enter below to win! Winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter on Friday! 


Tracy said...

I am def interested in something that will clean my stainless steel appliances.

Unknown said...

stove top looks good...would like to try on mine. (your refrigerator has so many dents in it)

Nikki @ WishUponAShootingStar said...

I want, I want, I wannnnnt! Rosie has the crush on the kitty on all the stainless and is always licking it!