September 10, 2014

MIA: the poags

it feels like i haven't blogged in FOREVER! but believe me, it's not for lack of things going on over here! 
we visited OBX from 08/30-9/6 which was a blast! i had both my mom and MIL with us - as well as most of my best friends - so it was an adventure, to say the least! our house was huge but filled with 14 adults, 8 kids and 1 dog! to say it was a vacation is funny - it was more hectic than a normal day at home. but it was SO worth it. my kids had a blast and the memories we all made will last forever!
once we got back - things shifted into full swing over here. 
kullen back to school, rhys starting soccer, BEAR WALKING, adam softball twice a week PLUS hunting - it's crazy! 
i need a vacation thinking about these next few weeks ;)
i know it's temporary but not having my husband home 4-5 nights a week is going to REALLY take a toll on me. wrangling these kids solo is hard work (rub a dub dub, three crazy poags in a tub ... ).
but - check out the monster hubby is hunting. i'm praying he gets him - plus 10 other does this season!! 
we also have a special event on friday - the boys are going to FLIP. stay tuned for more on that! ;)
and saturday we are celebrating Mr. Rhys turning THREE. it's so hard for me to believe that he's going to be three. most people think he's already three (or even four) but to me, he's still the little monster baby he's always been. i'm starting to feel old over here!
speaking of - in addition to rhys' and bears birthdays - i'm also planning my 30th celebration! Luckily, my BFFs are helping out big time and i know it's going to be the best birthday bash ever! ;) 

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