September 18, 2014

a veggie tales birthday!

we celebrated Mr. Rhys' THIRD birthday this past weekend! It was veggie-tastic!
rhys absolutely loves Veggie Tales so i knew it would be the perfect theme for his birthday! after scouring pinterest, i realized there wasn't many creative ideas because Veggie Tales isn't all that popular! but, we made it work and i think it turned out awesome!
[shirt from Family Christian]
my wonderful mother-in-law made the cake pops (as usual) and they turned out AWESOME! she even took the time to roll little clay peas!
husband decorated the Bob the Tomato cake and i think it turned out perfect. we ran into a little snafu with the nose, but we brainstormed and decided to soak a ping pong ball in red food coloring and ta-da ... it looked perfect!
found from pinterest - green iced twinkies decorated as Larry the Cucumber!
as for the rest of the food - we just did fruit and veggies (of course!) and ordered pizza - which was "Bob the Tomato Pizza!" :) 
and we were even able to sing happy birthday without incident this year! ;)
over all, it was a great 3rd birthday party for Mr. Rhys. He got lots of Veggie Tale toys and also lots of Ninja Turtle!
 Happy birthday to my favorite 3 year old! :)


Wenni Donna said...

This is really cute. I just attended a party my friend had in one of the nicest San Francisco event venues, for his kid. I took my son there and all the kids had a great time. It was a really great experience and Josh couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards.

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