July 10, 2014

The Smithsonian's National Zoo

if you've ever been to Washington DC, you know we have an amazing Zoo!
i consider myself, and my children, to be pretty lucky to have it. we try to visit it at least once a summer - but usually more! 
it's free to get in and i would suggest you take the metro because parking it steep! 
[although, with three kids and all the equipment that goes with that .. i drive!]
we got there fairly early so got to see all the pandas! even baby Bao-Bao!
& my kids got a special face painting treat! ;)
this Orangutan is awesome! he gets to walk the lines during the day and decide where to hang out and sleep. he has a "room" in his "house and also one with the Great Apes! 
a bear with a bear [and rhys..] HAHA!
the zoo has a new splash pad area by the sealions - it was PERFECT on this hot day!
every 30 or so seconds, a gush of water comes from underneath that big rock as well. 
my kids were basically in heaven!
we even strolled up to the elephant area right on time for a demo! the kids loved it!
it was a great day to be visiting the National Zoo!

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