July 11, 2014

friday loves - vol. 2

new dad films his wife giving birth with go-pro.  seriously, how awesome is that. tugs my heart strings! 

THIS. how did i not know that Rocko's Modern Life was so raunchy. i can't believe this was allowed on a kids network! like, how can networks get away with that. i guess that's why they've since created adult swim. Rocko should have DEFINITELY been an adult swim cartoon!

this cat. i'm dead! 
THIS easy-peasy DIY cow costume; because today is Cow Appreciated day at Chick-fil-A and if you dress like a cow, you get free food. whaaa! you know me and my heard will be there at least once - if not twice - today!

this picture. BAH! wheezy F scary! gah!

my picture got featured on Maryland Livin's Facebook Page! i was pretty excited!

one of my good friends, heather, is hosting a Freshly Picked giveaway over on her blog! GO ENTER. these mocs are amazing!! <3 p="">

THIS tutorial for Kangaroo Pockets. My friend Gina just got a sewing machine and i'm going to dust my old faithful off and we're gonna get to work on some projects. i can see this one in our future. i love a good pocket! ;)

and last but definitely not least - SEINFELD EMOJI'S! WHAT! i just can't. … can't WAIT!

that's just a few things i'm lovin this week!
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