July 1, 2014

dollar shave club - review

i am sure you've seen the sponsored ad on Facebook - or even the commercial on tv - but have you tried it? or thought about it for your husband? 

well, mr. poag himself is here to tell you all his thoughts about the Dollar Shave Club.
but before i let him loose, i'd like to explain what the DSC really is.

you can select your razor preference and have them shipped to you every month! it saves you the trouble of having shop in a store [which we all know men hate!] and ends up being cheaper than what you would pay in stores! 

shave butter: 

designed to help fight ingrown hairs and razor bumps and doesn't dull your blades!

post shave: 


a post-shaving moisturizer that isn't sticky or greasy! it's also anti-aging! 

basically, buttwipes made for men! they are soothing to the butt as well as flushable and biodegradable! 

Mr. Poag was given all of the above mentioned products for his honest review about them. 
ladies & gents: introducing … Mr. Poag!

when i first received my kit i was a little apprehensive and skeptical. i mean with the name "dollar" shave club it can't be all that great right? but let me tell you, boy was i wrong! the razor i was given to test should be called the "sadè" because its a smooth operator!(see what i did there?) i first lathered up with dr. carvers shave butter (which smells delightful by the way) and the smooth gliding action of "sadè" took over. i normally have a rough time in my neck area and end up with unsightly razor burns and nicks due to inferior razors but not with the products provided to me by my good friends at dollar shave club. i zipped right through my shaving duties (in what seemed like record time) and came out with skin as soft as a newborn baby. but wait, thats not where my barber shop esque experience ended. my skin had a 5 star meal to this point but as we all know you can't skip the dessert. and that is where the dr carvers post shave moisturizer comes into my grand story. a liberal amount was distributed into my hands and i applied it to my trouble areas including my neck and chin area. but i didn't stop there.the texture of this elixir was unlike anything I've used before. i continued to rub it into my face and forehead area as well because it left my skin feeling hydrated without being greasy and thick. and knowing that its properties not only pack a punch of moisture and renewing actives but also crams in healthy antioxidants which will improve my handsome looks for years to come. 
and now we come to the one wipe charlies. now I'm not normally overly aggressive on the john but sometimes in the heat of summer, things can get, well a little swampy down there. and as you all know a rough and jagged 2 ply is like dragging sandpaper on an already angry area. with the use of the disposable one wipe charlies this is an issue of the past. daily constitutionals are now as refreshing as a spring day in your jockeys! so bottom line of this review (get it?) is this: i do not like these products, i love them. too many times i see gimmicks and quickly disperse them but this is the real deal. quality products on a working mans wages. you don't have to spend a lot but your face will think you did! thank you dollar shave club for the opportunity to try out your amazing products as i look forward to using them in the future. 

disclaimer: i received the Dollar Shave Club box complimentary to review on my blog. all opinions expressed are that of Mr. Poag and are honest and true.


Amanda Carnes said...

Thanks so much for reviewng this product!! I have been toying with the idea of,getting this for my hubby!!

Unknown said...

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