June 30, 2014

weekend recap!

what an amazing weekend! 
we were so busy but it was SO good!!! there are so many things i wish i had taken pictures of but i'm so bad about pictures, i get caught up in moments and just enjoying them sometimes (meaning, i don't have my phone in hand!) and sometimes that's a bad thing!

anyway - we spent wednesday, thursday and friday at the pool. wednesday our pool and a friends house after,  thursday at a friends house with tons of friends/babies and friday at our pool with mandee and ronin!
we may have spent too much time at the pool when kullen face is almost the same color as a target car and the 2 year old is voluntarily napping in a pool chair! ;)
saturday - hubby and i got up early and went to our local baseball stadium for the Hit & Run 5k! it was a blast, tough, but a blast!

after that, we headed to our friends sons 4th birthday party! it was so cute - goldfish themed! 
kullen even got to ride a 4wheeler!

sunday morning was my friend katie's baby shower! such a cute nautical themed shower down by the water! can't wait to meet baby matthew! 

after the shower, i came back home and prepared for an afternoon date with my hub! 
we had a new babysitter come to the house and she was just great with the kids. it's basically the first time an almost stranger has watched our boys! we thought it would be nice to have someone else 'on call' just in case our family is sick of us asking ;) 
and in true maryland form - what did we do on our date? had crabs! :D

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