February 11, 2014

tuesday ten

one: i really want to get back into blogging. and also debating if I want to keep this blog or create a new one and start from scratch! 

two: kullen has a dental procedure tomorrow morning and has to use laughing gas - i'm so nervous!

three: my house is so filthy, ugh!

four: adam is currently taking my truck to the shop! the service airbag light is on for the THIRD time (first time they replaced entire airbag and had my truck for the a week & the second they said it was a bad wire) - can't waaaait to hear what it's gonna be this time. (can you hear the sarcasm dripping ..)

five: i did a week of T25 and haven't picked it back up :/ adam says he's gonna do it with me and we always have crap to do after he gets home!

six: i'm looking forward to valentines day even though we aren't going out to dinner! we're doing fondue at home with the boys (for the second year ... sounds like the start of a tradition which makes me extra happy!)

seven: i'm addicted to certain tv shows even though I never get to watch them on time. the walking dead, the following, Grimm, the real world, myrtle manor, justified - just to name a few! 

eight: we're expecting a snow storm tomorrow and Thursday. I hate to get my hopes up because it seems our area always gets screwed with predictions of snow and it rarely happens. I want a blizzard! 

nine: i have a strong desire to do a puzzle even though I know it would be a disaster with my Tasmanian devil for children running around! 

ten: i don't know if i'm supposed to link this blog up somewhere or not! haha  

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