February 10, 2014


December was a lot of fun for our family - i mean, not only was it Christmas but we had an elf visit our home and adam and i had some fun nights out! It seems there isn't a lot of 'things' for the boys - but 


- had a super fun girls night when my pea came to town from NOLA.
- got to see a childhood friend play in his new band!
- ground my first deer meat! 
- started back at the gym!
- visited with my nana & grandy!
- had a (mostly) arbonne christmas party and discovered LRC. what fun!
- made teachers gifts using my silhouette machine!
- won tickets (again) to Medieval Times for the Christmas eve show!

- got his first BUCK! :D
- got to hang out with some of his high school buds! 

- got his first school pictures. GAH!

- made gingerbread houses!
- still struggling with potty training. 

- finally hit his birth weight, woooop!
- got to meet his great grandy whom of which he is named after (harvey)!

just a quick little post to update on our last month of 2013!

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