May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

goofy kullen and his cousin lily :)
dada and his boy!
my little pirate!
eating some cake!
& monday at the pool - even if the water was freezing!

we had a great memorial day weekend!
saturday we traveled down to Lancaster, VA for our friends annual pig roast. one of our other friends band was there which made the day even more memorable! :)

sunday we visited with adam's dad and family down on the water. kullen and rhys both had a blast running all around with the kids. & mama even got to eat a couple crabs! NOM!

and monday we spent most of the day by the pool. aubrey and i visited our friend and her one month old twins and then came back home and grilled out with my mom & sister. it really was a great weekend. 

plus - i got a bit of sun! :D

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

Kullen looks like a totally different kid! Glad you had am awesome weekend