May 28, 2013


it's gone. 

after almost 4 years ... kullen asked for a hair cut. and not just once ... two days in a row. so we couldn't tell him no! i was secretly hoping he'd chicken out (like he's done in the past) but he was so excited and sat SO well while they chopped off his gorgeous curls.

it is still shocking to see him sometimes. i find myself glancing over him while looking for my long-haired boy but i'm also glad at the same time. he definitely looks ALL BOY now! ;)
& it's nice not to see him constantly swiping hair from his face!

morning of 05.26.13 - long haired
afternoon of 05.26.13 - short haired! wah!

also, after seeing this pictures on my computer screen ... i realize how bad my iphone camera is. need a fix asap! :( :( :( 

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MandeeFoFandee said...

yay!!! I loooove it so much. I'm sure he's so much more comfortable now, too. I'm shocked you didn't bring your camera!