April 22, 2013


conversation i overheard in the target starbucks between two ladies the other day:

lady #1: i am trying to convince my husband to let us try for a 4th. we have 3 boys already ... he is convinced if we try again, it'll be a 4th boy ... but i want a girl!
lady with newborn: girls are overrated! they're drama and SO high maintenance. 
lady #1: yeah .. so i've been told but i would still like one.
lady with newborn: i'd be happy with all boys! my oldest is a girl and she is just too much for me!

i stood there almost in shock. this is seriously like the 10th time i've heard 'girls are overrated' in the last month! i don't understand why people say it? i guess maybe it's just natural for some to try to make a person feel better by saying something negative about what they have? but i still don't get it ... i don't care if girls are overrated, i don't have one so therefore i want one. 

i have two boys. and whenever anyone says [to me] i hope i have a boy - i tell them that boys are great! because they are! they love their mama's and have imaginations as big as this world we live in. are they messy, sure ... but i don't think boys are overrated by any means. 
mothers of girls - you can't seriously tell me that girls aren't great? i mean ... hair bows, tutu's, sandals, PINK, painted nails ... come on? 
even if i never get to have a baby girl of my own ... i will never justify it by saying they're overrated. because come on ... seriously? look how cute that below picture is. gah!


Emily said...

Listen, my daughter is a pistol and she gives me a run for my money every. single. day. and i'm sure she is just as much work, if not more, than a boy. But I still want a boy one day, and I don't think my daughter is over-rated at all. She is THE most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on. And if she's even a bit dramatic, she got it from me. So whoever that mama was, probably has no clue what she was like as a kid.

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Hahhahaahah! Girls are tough...well mine is but she's my best friend! And SO much fun. And boys are tough too. That lady who's daughter is too much for her...she's probably a B therefore her daughter is too...oops did I say that. Chloe does alot that I don't do and don't understand but she is def a spitting image of myself.

Girls are sassy and quick to roll eyes but I will deal with that 6 days out the week just to have us match and paint our nails together on the 7th day!

I also think as parents who have both it's easy to compare. Ex Jr is my angel baby, Chloe's the devil. Doesn't mean it's like that for everyone.

rene said...

as a daughter, i see the difference in the relationships between sons and daughters with their parents. Both are so special and different. I can't see how you wouldn't want both. That lady at starbucks will be happy she had a girl on day and hopefully realizes that no matter the sex of the child a relationship between the a parent and child can never be overrated.