October 13, 2012

Rhys update!

I know I haven't posted the last couple month updates - slacker! I just need to sit down and type them out, pictures are already taken!

but I wanted to do a quick update on my newly ONE year old!

one year stats:

32in long (95%)
22lbs 15oz (70%)
wearing mostly 12 months ... certain things 18months (jumpers and pjs!)

he's now running! he walks so fast it makes is all laugh but hey! he got places to go! ;)

within the last month, he has become so vocal ... he will try to repeat mostly anything but his favorite words are:
bubba (brother/kullen)
ooooeee (shoe)
toooootlee (oh tootles - Mickey Mouse)
ca-ca (cracker)
nigh-nigh (night)
ank (blank((blankie)))
nin-eee (ninny)

AND! within just the last week ... he has started saying
go ool? for go to school and he says it in question form! I guess because I am always saying (to kullen) ready to go to school? so now when we get in the car, he'll say 'go ool?' haha!

speaking of car - he hates getting in his seat! once he is in, he's okay but just putting him down - the back starts arching and tantrum throwing! haha

he loves to play with his brother, dance and clap his hands too!

he has 5 teeth (2 big gappy in the front and 3 bottom)!

I feel like time is flying with him ... where is my baby?!!!


The Best of Both Worlds said...

& Chlo Chlo lol so cute and so big!

Nicole said...

love my pea poags

Crystal Seed said...

Goodness this little guy! He isn't so little anymore! He's as tall as Chloe, and she's 2!!!!!!!!