October 2, 2012

kullen goes to school!

if you follow me on Instagram [kaleysalene] - then you've seen these and know that my boy started school today! :)

it's a program for 3-4 year olds, ran by teachers and high schoolers in early childhood development classes. we had orientation last week and i knew from that day, he would flourish in this program!

today we started! he wore a buzz/woody shirt because it's the high school's spirit week and today was character day!
he walked in with dada and found his name to put on the board. he walked over to his cubby and hung up his back pack! after that, he went over to the blocks to play!

some kids were screaming as their parents left and he was eyeing them and us a bit. we decided it was time to go so asked for kisses - which he generously gave - and told him bye!

I sat in the parking lot for a bit but then decided it was time to go!

as I walked back in to pick him up 2hrs later - he didn't want to leave! his teachers reminded him that he would be back on Thursday to play with them!

so happy and excited for my boy and his upcoming school year!

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Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

He is so stinking adorable!! My hubby and I are thinking of enrolling my son in the early childhood development preschool in our school district, this makes me feel even better about it! Love his shirt by the way :)