July 3, 2012

three whole years

it's so hard to grasp the fact that this crazy kid has been apart of my life for three years. on one hand, it's hard to remember my life before him but on the other hand, it seems like i was just finding out that i was pregnant. then that he was a boy, then that his name would be kullen, then that he was born, then he was one, then he was two and now THREE. 

you truly are one of a kind, kid. you are the craziest kid that i know. everything about you! your attitude, your laugh, your HAIR, your mannerisms, just you. i wouldn't change you for the entire world though. 

you keep everyone around you on your toes, that's for sure - and also probably an understatement!

you are always up to something. usually, no good ;)
but you are a totally fun kid. you are always ready for the next adventure! 

your quick 3 year old stats:
shirts - 4t
shorts/pants - 3t
weight - 32lbs
height - 39in - or in big boy terms, 3ft and 3 in.

you are completely potty trained. i love to hear you wake up in the morning and play for a bit - then announce 'pee pee' and go to the bathroom all by yourself. makes me laugh. you also are 'pool' potty trained! don't know if that's a huge deal but i thought that would be hard for you considering it's water and all - but it was a breeze, just as the entire potty training process was for us both. we got lucky, i guess! 

still, at age 3 - you have only had one professional hair cut - and that was only a trim in the front. nana did trim it all over one time, but that was it. i wouldn't be surprised if you still don't have one by 4 ;)

you LOVE your daily vitamin gummy. some of your favorite foods are ravioli, mac & cheese, gogurt, cheese sticks, strawberries, grapes, carrots, tomatoes, spaghetti and tuna fish!
you also love to be outside and to play. you are in constant motion!

you can say your alphabet and count to 10.
you know all our first names and where you live.
you still have a fear of people in big costumes (chick fil a cow/chuck e cheese)
your vocabulary is improving by the day. you pick up on things SO quickly and it's amazing how you remember them!
you amaze me at how much you've learned this last year. 
you remember songs, things from movies/tv shows, funny sayings and names! 
you're very curious, too. you always want to know peoples names, where we're going or what i'm doing. 

i spend my day talking to you and i wouldn't have it any other way, kid. 
i could spend eternity talking about you and all the things you do that make me proud but i'll stop!  
you love everyone around you - especially your baby brother, even though you annoy him constantly ;)
and you are a very loved little boy.
you are a SPIRITED kid. and i love you for that. don't. ever. change.


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Such a big boy! Love the pictures! He has really grown and changed! 3 was my favorite year I think with Jr. They know so much and are still "little"! Your going to have a fun year ahead!

rene said...

totally almost cried reading this. wah