June 27, 2012

a little extreme

i am totally obsessed with couponing.  i watch 'extreme couponing' all the time wishing i could have a stockpile like they do. i want free things!
i do dabble but i am no where near as good as those people! not yet anyway ;)

so, i wanted to blog about some great deals that i got yesterday.
harris teeter was having a super coupon special - doubling coupons up to $2.00! (most places only double up to .99cents if at all)
so, i grabbed some coupons and hit the road.

i had a coupon for masterpeice BBQ sauce.

$1.00 off of 2 bottles. the bottles were $1.00 each on sale. since my coupon doubled to $2.00 off of 2 bottles - each bottle was absolutely free. i had 2 coupons so i was able to get 4 bottles of BBQ sauce for free! :D

the next was Tabasco sauce.

my husband loves hot sauce ... on eggs, on rice and basically anything else that isn't hot enough for him. the coupon that i had was $1.00 off any size bottle. again, that coupon would double to $2.00 off. the Tabasco (with habanero!) wasn't on sale but regular price it was $2.19, so i only paid .19cent!

another goodie was bic soleil savy!

it was on sale for $4.99. i had a $2.00 off coupon that would double to $4.00 off - so i only paid .99cents! whoooop!

i also picked up some mio water enhancer.

i've never bought this before but have wanted to try but didn't want to pay $3.00 for it. harris teeter had it on sale for $2.50 though. and i happened to have a $1.00 off coupon (that again, doubled to $2.00 off) so i only paid .50cents. that was reasonable to me considering if i didn't like it, i only wasted .50cents! i picked up blueberry lemonade. and when i went to use it today, discovered that the hub took it to work with him. jerk ;)

the best deal though - didn't even involve Harris Teeters awesome doubling coupons up to $2.00 event. 
it's mueller's pasta.

it's rare that this brand goes on sale as cheap as $1.00 each but when it does, you want to stock up! 
here's the trick. if you go to meullers.com and sign up - they will email you a .55cent off coupon that is good for a month. even though i had already signed up, my hubby hadn't - so i quickly signed him up and they sent him a coupon! 
when you go to print - you can print out multiple copies - but only once! so, i just printed 60 copies! 
the coupon says, in the fine print, 'do not double' but the bar code *begins with a 5 meaning that it will, in fact, double. 
this being said - i picked up 15 boxes at $1.00 each. i used 15 coupons and each box was free!
why did i only use 15? well i used 2 bbq, 1 tabasco, 1 razor and 1 mio coupon making my total coupons 20. harris teeter only doubles 20 coupons per day! 
i am really hopig Meuller goes on sale again soon - whether it be harris teeter, giant, shoppers or safeway because all double coupons up to .99cent every day! (meaning the pasta will be absolutely freeee and lets face it, we all use pasta AND it has a shelf life for up to 2 years!) 

so there's the most recent goodies that i got! i usually coupon with every trip to the store - even if i'm running to target for something, i typically go with a coupon. even if i'm not getting things for free, i'm still saving. i promise i won't be one of those extremers who buy dog food even though i don't have a dog just because the deal was SO good. i typically only coupon with things that i am going to use (toothpaste, razors, pasta, bbq sauce, mustard ...) but i promise to share all my good deals from now on.

here are some great sites for anyone who wants to get into couponing:


* - coupon FYI - typically if a coupon doesn't say 'do not double' it means that it will. but a sure way to know is to check the bar code. if it begins with a 5, it doubles. 
in maryland - most places double coupons UP TO $1.00. meaning that if a coupon is FOR $1.00 off - it will not double and you will only get the $1.00 off. if the coupon is for .99cents - it will double to $1.98 off (but .99cent coupons are RARE). most of the time, the best deal is a .75cent coupon that doubles to $1.50! i try to save most of those coupons for grocery stores - even if it's something i typically buy at target just because the grocery store will double where as target does not.
another FYI regarding coupons and target - target allows stacking of coupons. meaning you can use one manufacturer and one target coupon. www.target.com is where you can find all the coupons. so if you have one $1.00 off target coupon and $1.00 off manufacturer coupon - you will receive $2.00 off! that's always a good deal especially for makeup and nail polish which i always get for free (or very close to it!)

hope that helps anyone needing it :)

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