July 31, 2012

thirty thangs [three]

3. Describe your relationship with your parents. 

hm - both my parents read my blog so i have to be careful here. ;) just kidding!
i am a pretty even mix of my dad and my mom - or at least i think i am - so that explains why i have a good relationship with them both. but it wasn't always like that.

growing up - my dad and i were not friends. he was always the bad guy. my mom and i always had a good relationship. the only time i remember her being really mad at me was when i got my tongue pierced. haha! ;) it didn't last long. most of the time if i misbehaved under her watch, she would make my dad handle it when he got home.
as a teen - my dad and i hardly ever got along. i felt that he was too nosy/involved and i was constantly lying about where i was or what i was doing so that just made for trouble. of course, at sixteen, i didn't see it that way though.
not to mention - my parents were going through issues of their own at that time. most of which, i knew of, and it put me in a bad spot. i felt i understood my moms actions because my dad was so controlling sometimes but didn't understand his need to control stemmed from his issues with my mom.
i felt for my dad because he was breaking before my eyes and that's never an easy thing.

after i graduated and started the 'real world' thing, most things improved. my parents finally decided to divorce and i had begun my relationship with adam which consumed most of my time. i didn't have to lie about things because i would just tell my dad that i was with adam. 
my dad moved out and adam moved in. we moved from our old house into a new house and things were good. my dad was still local and i would see him. things continued to happen with my little sister  and divorce issues (both with my parents and my moms boyfriends ex) and i think it brought my dad and i closer together. my mom and i stayed close during all this - after all we lived together and worked together! 

my dad moved to connecticut with my little sister shortly after i turned 21. he began dating (get ready for your head to spin) my childhood best friends (who lived across the street from us) mom! -they are currently married!- 
once my dad was happy and in a good place again, things drastically improved with us. it was so easy to get along with someone who is happy! i was an adult now and he knew that i was doing good so there was no need to fight anymore. i know that all of his 'controlling' and 'sheltering' was out of love for me. he wanted me safe and wanted me to be a good kid and i'm thankful for that. (even if i at the time i 'hated' him!)

so, all in all, i have a fantastic relationship with my parents. i can talk to them about anything and everything - and i do. i can be myself 100% around them and never feel bad about it. they love me and i love them and that is all i could ask for in a parent/daughter relationship!

-still reading? (and not my parents! haha) - you've upgraded to best friend status if so! haha!


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Welp already best friends but I cried during this! You have great parents!

Unknown said...

Kaley sweetie you can always talk about me cause after reading this I know now you truely understand now why I was the way I was !!! even though I wont sit here and try to justify it and sorry I put you thru sooo much and appreciate the relationship we have now !! I Love you, Adam, Kullen, Rhys and now my new grandchild sooo much.... KEEP WRITING !!!!