June 15, 2012

friday loves!

it's been a while since i did a friday loves post! well, lets face it, it's been a while since i did a real post at all! 

so - here's a few things i'm lovin' this week!

i follow amy on her blog and instagram. i saw a picture of her and another blogger going to stroller strides and it struck my interest! she blogged about it here. i looked into starting a franchise in our area but don't exactly have $5000 to give away. if i knew it would take off here, i would do it but i don't exactly think this area would appreciate it much. i might start something similar - and free - with just my mama friends though! rogue poag rides ;) haha

abby's blog post about another blogger. i am totally thinking of giving up shampoo now. i think i could, for reals. 

TRUE BLOOD is back <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

we enrolled kullen in preschool this week. he will start in october. 4 days a week for 2hrs a day. he is, well seems, really excited about it. as are we! :)

i have been busy planning parties this week. kullen's birthday party is next saturday and the saturday after that is mandee's baby shower. although party planning can be a tad stressful - the outcome is so worth it. i am looking forward to sharing all the details of both parties! 
but i do have a kullen's 3rd birthday board as well as a ronin shower board if you're interested! :)

uhm, LBL's nursery reveal. seriously, i am totes jealous of that baby already! can't wait for a 'birth story' post!

my cousin (well, my cousins cousin, hehe) posted THIS on her blog. she is so stinkin' crafty! i am SO glad/thankful that she posted this tutorial considering for rhys' birthday, i am doing a 'little man' theme. these bow ties will be the perfect addition to my planning! thanks jen!! 

so that's just a few things i've seen this week and loved! 
i'll be back around the blogging world soon as i have LOTS to post about!
rhys 9 months
kullen turning 3
fathers day

it's going to be a busy june!

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SV said...

Thanks for the shout out cousin of my cousin;). Please send me some pics of his bday so I can show him off on my blog!!! To make it easier for you (I'm not sure how many bow ties you plan to make) you could always make the bow part and safety pin it to the collar.